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these plants are from HAWAII ONLY!adenium-rosy-13

Now ….New Adenium Rosy

Adenium  Double Yellow Fragrance 

Happy Gold by NSD

Double Yellow Adenium Fragrance
New Unique Adenium Clone! First of its kind in the world that has a unique sweet smell!

These plants are new and ready to ship fresh to your door!

1.Xantostemon Chrysanthus

2.Terminalia Ivorensis Chev. Variegateds (Geometry tree

3. Ficus spp. (lollipop tree)

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  • #1 written by Jimmy Kawakami
    about 4 years ago

    I am looking for an impressive Desert Rose (s) (Adenium) as a gift for my mother who just turned 93 years old. Unfortunately, I need it by tomorrow – May 15, 2011. My mom has been into plants most of her life – orchids, anturiums, etc. Most recently she has developed an interest in Desert Rose. She is also at a nursing home so has limited time and resources to care for a plant. I thought Desert Roses would be ideal. Can you help me? If so it would be best if you could call me on my cell – 753-6098.

    Thank you for your time.

  • #2 written by jericson
    about 10 months ago

    were are you guys located in hawaii? i cant see the address

  • #3 written by daniel rangel
    about 8 months ago

    Hello im intrested in buying plants how can i get a price list

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